AMECARE M2M Remote Monitoring Service for SPECTRO ICP Spectrometers

To ensure instrument integrity and reduce downtime, SPECTRO Analytical Instruments is now offering a continuous remote monitoring service for select SPECTRO ICP spectrometers.  The service is offered in combination with SPECTRO AMECARE Preventive Maintenance programs and the benefits of this new service include dramatically reducing the risk of instrument failure or costly downtime. The M2M service can also help to extend the life of your instrument.

SPECTRO ICP spectrometers are equipped with intelligent diagnostic capabilities that report on the integrity of critical system components. With this functionality, the cause of an instrument breakdown can be isolated, identified, and rapidly addressed to speed system recovery or even minimize or prevent it from failing.

With AMECARE M2M service, diagnostic information is transmitted from the spectrometer to SPECTRO’s central M2M server.  There it is analyzed to proactively identify and flag any potential component maladjustment, degradation, or failure. If an issue is identified, the local SPECTRO service organization is alerted about the situation and the customer is contacted directly.

User confidentially is ensured throughout the design and operation of the M2M system. The service transmits only instrument hardware and ICAL process relevant information. Analytical methods and analytical results are excluded. The system is unidirectional and secure — other than the communication handshake, information cannot be transmitted to the instrument from the remote M2M server — thus ensuring instrument encapsulation for maximum system integrity.

To learn more about this extraordinary new service, download the M2M for ICP Spectrometers data sheet or contact SPECTRO directly.