Application Brief

Analysis of Aqueous Solutions by ICP-OES with Radial Plasma Observation

The multi-element analysis of aqueous solutions is a major application for ICP-OES instruments and this report demonstrates that the new SPECTRO ARCOS SOP has more-than-adequate analytical capabilities to perform these measurements.

In this report, all measurements are performed with radial plasma observation using the new SPECTRO ARCOS. This new ICP-OES employs the Optimized Rowland Circle Alignment (ORCA) technique with 32 linear CCD detectors capturing the full wavelength range between 130 and 770 nm enabling simultaneous analysis and complete spectrum capture within 2s.

The report describes instrument parameters and line selection and lists detection limits for the selected elements applying pneumatic nebulization. Excellent recoveries were found for the standard reference material NIST SRM 1640.

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