General Design

General Design Image 1 General Design Image 2
  • Pleasant design – perfect ergonomics
  • Pure bench top space saving concept without the need for heavy duty table
  • Corrosion/chemical resistant polyurethane and aluminum materials
  • HxWxD: 1068 x 1582 x 756 mm (42.1 x 62.3 x 29.8 inch)
  • Weight: approx. 240 kg (530 lbs)
General Design Image 3a
  • All components located inside the instrument
  • Connection points and components accessible from the sides and the front
  • Sliding door to the sample introduction system – Easy and safe access to all components
General Design Image 4
  • Ultra short fluid paths
  • Right hand side sample entry
  • 4-channel pump
  • All gas flows computer controlled

MultiView Interface

Multiview Interface Image 1 Multiview Interface Animation
  • Revolutionary choice of true radial plasma view or true axial plasma view in one instrument
  • Optional system converts radial into axial view, or vice versa – in 90 seconds or less
  • Uncompromising analytical performance
Multiview Interface Image 3
  • No periscopes, no compromises
  • Get radial precision or axial sensitivity with fast, easy changeover
  • Go from analyzing major concentrations to measuring sub-ppm trace elements
Multiview Interface Image 4
  • Easy-to-change, preadjusted sample introduction system
  • Reproducible performance without time-consuming optimization
  • SPECTRO ARCOS is also available in axial-only or radial-only models

Optical System

  • High-performance optical system
  • Based on innovative Optimized Roland Circle Alignment (ORCA) technology
  • Direct, high-luminance light path to minimize light loss
Optical System
  • Minimum reflecting surfaces for lowest stray light levels
  • Excellent, consistent resolution over widest spectral range
  • Unsurpassed transparency at wavelengths below 180 nm
  • Simplified method development, even in line-rich metal matrix spectra
  • Easier processing, accurate measurement


Cost Calculator

Operating hours per day  
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Optic purge gas consumption Other ICP ARCOS BLUE GENESIS
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Electricity consumption        
Electricity consumption during operation [kW] (typical)
Electricity consumption during standby [kW] (typical)
Electricity consumption per 24 h [kWh]
Electricity consumption per year (261 working days) [kWh]
Total yearly electricity costs [€]
Total yearly costs [€]

UV-PLUS System

  • Unique sealed optical system
  • Eliminates highly expensive gas purging costs
  • No risk of purge gas contamination of optics
  • Enables high stability and good low-wavelength performance
  • No purge delays at startup
  • Stable analytical results immediately
  • Low maintenance, highly economical operation


  • Power ranges from 500 W to 2000 W — highest power range available today
  • Can even analyze gasoline at room temperature
  • Based on extremely rugged proven LDMOS technology
  • High matrix compatibility for low detection limits in heavy matrices
  • Compact, cost-saving, energy-efficient
  • Robust design for low maintenance and extended life


Detector Array

Detector Image 1
  • Proven, ultra-reliable CCD technology
  • More than 65000 chips installed in SPECTRO ICPs
  • Single-unit costs: dramatically lower than with 2D detectors
  • High availability: if one detector fails, others keep running
Detector Image 2
  • No on-chip cooling required
  • No detector icing
  • Optical system stabilized at 15° C (59° F)
  • Detector Image 3


Plasma Readout

  • Ultra-high-speed technology
    • Shortest Integration 0.1 msec
    • Processing/readout of full spectrum: only 2 seconds
    • Complete sample analysis (including preflush & 2 replicates): less than 2 minutes
Readout Image 2
Blooming is negligible, and thus, less of a concern. The graphic shows 5000mg/l Na at 589 nm using axial plasma observation: Despite the high sensitivity of the emission line no blooming occurs
  • Wide dynamic range
    • Up to 9 orders of magnitude
    • Negligible blooming (even on challenging elements such as sodium)

Plasma Interface

Axial Plasma Observation
  • Pros
    • Choose for high-sensitivity performance
    • Views light from entire excitation channel
    • Especially useful for trace metal analysis, e.g. for effluents, environmental applications, etc
  • Cons
    • Negatively influenced by matrix effects
    • Requires relatively more maintenance and cleaning
    • Not recommended for high concentrations of totally dissolved solids and organics
Axial Plasma Observation Image
Radial Plasma Observation
  • Pros
    • Choose for high-stability, high-matrix compatibility and high linear dynamic range
    • Only partially views central excitation channel
    • Freedom from matrix effects and from heavy maintenance/cleaning
    • Especially useful for high salts, high totally dissolved solids, wear metals in oils, organic solutions, etc.
  • Cons
    • Medium sensitivity
    • Not recommended for trace metal analysis
Radial Plasma Observation
  • MultiView-Easy Interface Changes
    • Fast, convenient swap from axial to radial in 90 seconds or less
    • Easy, quick-change sample introduction components
    • Demountable plasma torch with integral gas connections
    • Torch bayonet coupling for reproducible positioning after mountings/dismountings
    • Expander locking mechanism for independent removal of interfaces from torch, plus rock-solid reassembly
  • MultiView Expense Savings via OPI-­Air
    • Innovative air cooling technology
    • No costly, complicated external cooling system required
    • No investment costs
    • No added maintenance costs
    • Uses available torch box extraction