Four Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Next-Generation ICP-OES Technology.

Design flaws in older ICP-OES spectrometers can cause unwelcome trouble and expense. Here’s why you should upgrade — to the newest generation of technology from SPECTRO Analytical Instruments.

1. Maximum uptime

Sealed, permanently argon-filled optical system

  • Eliminates fill/purge cycles
  • Avoids impurities/contamination

Integrated, patented air-cooled technology

  • Replaces separate water-based cooling systems
  • Eliminates leaks and high maintenance

Ultra-powerful LDMOS generator

  • Achieves stability within 10 minutes of startup
  • Stays free of operational troubles or short circuits

2. Maximum throughput

Robust 2000-watt generator

  • Provides ample power reserves
  • Handles fast-changing/extreme plasma loads

Simultaneous spectrum capture technology

  • Surpasses conventional sequential throughput
  • Analyzes many more samples per hour

Innovative MultiView plasma viewing

  • Switches in seconds from true radial plasma view to true axial view, or vice-versa
  • Eliminates conventional dual-view compromises

3.Maximum sensitivity/stability

Unique ORCA technology

  • Overcomes limitations of conventional echelle-type optics
  • Enables simultaneous capture of complete sample spectrum (4 seconds)
  • Delivers up to 5x greater sensitivity — across broader spectral range
  • Ensures long-term stability via no-purge optics

4. Minimum cost of ownership

Air-cooled technology saves up to


versus separate system, leaks, maintenance

Sealed optical system cuts up to


in gas consumed

ORCA-enabled optics with low detection limits improve analytical performance, reduce expensive rework

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Four reasons to upgrade to next-generation ICP-OES technology