Simply Better

Users wanted software with a simpler interface. They got a package that greatly simplifies displays, streamlines workflows, and minimizes mousing.

Users wanted more speed. They got up to 1500x faster raw data handling and analysis, plus lightning-fast recalculations.

Users wanted complete traceability. They got a crystal-clear audit trail that logs each result, change, event, message, and error.

Preview SPECTRO ICP Analyzer Pro, and you’ll see that you got it all.

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Four reasons to upgrade to next-generation ICP-OES technology

Learn how next-generation technology can substantially improve analytical performance while reducing laboratory costs and expenses.

The innovative SPECTRO ARCOS eliminates expensive gas purging

The heart of any ICP-OES instrument is the optical system. So it’s important that scientists, lab managers, and other users understand some salient facts about a very critical component of these complex instruments. This knowledge will help users choose the best spectrometer for their laboratory.

Selecting your ICP-OES analyzer’s plasma interface: axial-view, radial-view, dual-view or new MultiView

Reviews the core concepts surrounding the optical interfaces that are available for ICP-OES spectrometers today and discusses the relative strengths and weaknesses of each approach.