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For the most demanding analyses in industry and research, the new SPECTRO ARCOS analyzer is the pinnacle of performance and productivity in inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometers. It’s the capstone to more than 30 years of SPECTRO experience in producing the world’s leading ICP-OES instruments.

MultiView is two instruments in one

The new SPECTRO ARCOS with MultiView technology has eliminated plasma-viewing compromises and revolutionized spectrometer design. SPECTRO ARCOS provides uncompromised axial-view and radial-view plasma observation in a single instrument. MultiView is truly axial, truly radial, and totally radical. The periscope-free design means operators now can literally “turn” a radial-view instrument into an axial-view device, or vice-versa — in 90 seconds or less! Users get full axial sensitivity and full radial precision — with no dual-view compromises.

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High-performance optical system

The analyzer's innovative Optimized Rowland Circle Alignment (ORCA) optical technology utilizes few mirrors, providing a direct, high-luminance light path that minimizes light loss. This enables SPECTRO ARCOS to deliver excellent, constant resolution over a wide spectral range. For example, it’s proven to provide the industry’s best transparency in the spectral range below 180 nanometers (nm). This simplifies method development, even in heavy metal matrices, and allows easier processing of line-rich spectra.

Result: best-in-class measurement accuracy.

Engineered to provide
the lowest cost of ownership

Ar gone

The innovative SPECTRO ARCOS eliminates expensive gas purging

Its unique sealed, no-purge optical technology will save you thousands of dollars each year versus ordinary spectrometers, because its UV-PLUS sealed optical system is permanently argon-filled. ARCOS re-circulates gas through a small cleaning cartridge that typically will last for up to 2 years. This eliminates the waste and expense required by conventional designs, which must consume and purge gas on a constant basis.

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Chill out

The SPECTRO ARCOS eliminates costly, complicated, external cooling

With ARCOS, you can forget those expensive, high-maintenance, breakdown-prone external water chillers. SPECTRO ARCOS saves trouble and costs with innovative, patented air-cooled technology.

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the ultimate new power source

Plasma power enters a whole new era with the ARCOS system’s innovative generator. This unique component is based on laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) technology. It marks the first time this powerful and extremely rugged solid-state generator has been used in an ICP-OES analyzer.

The results are impressive. It's compact, high-powered, robust, energy-efficient, and future-proof.

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For the most demanding elemental analyses in industry and research