Case Study

Photo courtesy of Eurofins Agro. All rights reserved.

SPECTRO ARCOS delivers high-throughput agronomical analysis for Eurofins

To keep up with the fast pace of seasonal demands in agribusiness, labs analyzing nutrients in agronomical samples feel the need for speed.

Meeting that high-throughput demand are a new generation of inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) analyzers.

A prime example: the latest-model SPECTRO ARCOS. It combines peak performance — providing exceptionally high continuous optical resolution over a wide spectral range, plus outstanding sensitivity — with unmatched productivity. It also offers several exclusive technologies, including true axial-view and radial-view plasma observation in a single instrument; no-purge sealed gas purification; and an air-cooled interface that eliminates costly, breakdown-prone external chillers.

A new case study highlights all these benefits — and more. It shows why Eurofins Agro Nederland now has 10 SPECTRO ARCOS analyzers delivering quick, accurate answers day in, day out at its highly productive lab in Wageningen.

Download the study to learn how results like theirs can let your agronomy lab deliver better, faster results.