The new era of plasma power

The new SPECTRO ARCOS generator delivers the highest plasma power available today, with a tested and proven range of 500 W to 2000 W. Combined with the system’s superior optics, these serious power reserves enable previously impossible feats of analysis at the highest plasma loads. The new ARCOS can actually analyze volatile organic samples such as gasoline at room temperature!

Unequaled agility

The generator also displays high matrix compatibility. Samples can be analyzed in lower dilutions, which results in lower limits of detection. Additional sample preparation is often not necessary, and specialized techniques such as cooled spray chambers are no longer required.

Longest lifetime

This new ARCOS generator is extremely robust and trouble-free. Its advanced design is completely short-circuit-proof. And with no parts subject to wear, the generator minimizes time and expense for maintenance or repair. It’s projected to provide excellent uptime and the longest possible service life. Get the new product brochure to learn more about this amazing new instrument.

White Paper

Learn how new spectrometer technologies substantially cut operating costs.

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