White Paper

Recent Advances in Elemental Analysis for the Lithium Ion Battery Supply Chain

The lithium ion battery supply chain extends from mines and refiners to makers of cells and battery packs to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Determining exactly what elements are present in a given material, in exactly what amounts, can play a critical part in quality control at various processing phases.

This paper outlines requirements for elemental analysis of processed materials at selected steps in the chain, focusing on graphite, lithium salts, and cathode components. It presents the latest advances in some traditional measurement solutions for these materials, such as ICP-OES analysis.

However, the paper also highlights two proven analytical technologies not yet commonly used for lithium ion battery applications: ED-XRF and ETV-ICP-OES. These offer exciting new capabilities and advantages — such as speed, convenience, and precision — that recommend them for wider application in the battery industry.

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