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Photo: Image courtesy of Klaus-Holger Knorr. All rights reserved.

SPECTROBLUE: the perfect ecohydrology package for the University of Münster

Evaluating samples and sediments from surface waters, groundwaters, and wetlands is vital to understanding the ramifying effects of global climate change. University ecohydrology laboratories are turning to advanced analyzers for precise, simultaneous testing of major elements in these samples.

The durable, ultra-reliable SPECTROBLUE ICP-OES analyzer is an advanced midrange solution for a wide array of environmental analyses. Its innovative gas purification technology uses sealed optics without costly argon purging. Its breakthrough air cooling eliminates costly, breakdown-prone water chillers. And its unique ORCA optics provide unmatched sensitivity for extremely low limits of detection (LODs).

Download a new case study to discover how SPECTROBLUE provides fast, accurate ecohydrological and biogeochemical analysis for the University of Münster (WWU) in Germany. It may prove to be the ideal solution for your lab, too!

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Preparation and Elemental Analysis of Foodstuffs Using Microwave-Assisted Sample Digestion SPECTROBLUE

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The compact, midrange ICP-OES solution that brings a new level of performance to routine laboratory analysis.