SPECTROBLUE eliminates purge gas

Conventional ICP-OES instruments rely on a constant supply of purge gas. That’s because certain often-analyzed elements (including most or all nonmetals) require measurements below 200 nanometers (nm) in the advanced UV range. Unfortunately, conventional designs are open to the environment, so atmospheric air is present in their optical paths. And lines below 180 nm are strongly absorbed by the molecular oxygen and water in that air. So such instruments purge air with argon or nitrogen gas and unfortunately, this process can take up to 2 hours after startup.

SPECTROBLUE’s innovative technology has a unique sealed optical system that eliminates the need for constant purging of argon or nitrogen. That means no gas consumables cost or purging delays. It’s called the UV-PLUS gas purification system. SPECTROBLUE is permanently argon-filled, recirculating gas through a small purifier cartridge that’s good for at least 2 years of life. The user can start and stop the instrument at will. So the spectrometer achieves highly stable analytical results and excellent low UV performance, right from the beginning of a shift, without purge waiting or delays at startup.

With an estimated 600 cubic meters of purge gas saved per year, at current prices a user of this technology can save $3800 annually in gas consumption alone.

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