Is the OPI Air system design the same as that of the previous SPECTROBLUE EOP?

It has been improved with a solid nickel cone and mount. The previous generation used a brass alloy that was Ni coated. Durability and ease of maintenance is much improved with the new design.

Is it possible to do measurements by radial and axial observations at the same time?

Yes, this is possible, connected with compromises, however. For the relevant observation mode the spectrum is only partially available (e.g. axial <400nm, radial >400 nm). Also transparency below 185 nm is lost. The sensitive emission line for S, P, Hg, Al and Pb are thus not measurable anymore. Using this technique, which uses interference filters, in principle factor 3-5 in sensitivity is lost. This means that the actual advantage of the axial observation technique is factual not anymore available.

Can I implement the OPI air system in a conventional ICP – plasma equipment? I actually have a chiller in the ICP plasma is it possible to change the cooling system? Can this equipment be adapted for improved performance on oil samples?

No the system is designed specifically for the appropriate SPECTRO ICP-OES system.

How can I use the instrument in dosage form evaluation?

This would be done by using the Transient Measurement feature in the software.

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